One of the highlights on our tour into one of Europe’s most remote and least populated areas is the town of Orgosolo in the Sardinian Barbagia region. Driving up into the village on a narrow windy road the few tourists that come up here get an unexpected view of local street art.

Sardinia Tours street art

For many years outlaws and bandits benefited from this isolation of this place, but the arrival of paved roads opened up life here significantly. The town’s anti-authoritarian predisposition culminated in the so called Pratobello Revolution in 1969 when the local shepherds successfully resisted to the creation of a military base on their land. These events were commemorated in the first murals in Orgosolo created by a local art teacher and his students who in the 70s and 80s set a new trend by recounting social injustices in huge graphics on the town’s buildings.

Mural art became an ongoing local activity, scenes of political and social contrasts alternate with glimpses of everyday rural life. These Murales speak a language of their own conveying colorful and intense messages to the passersby on the streets of Orgosolo.

Our local guide, Michele, took us on a tour through the village. His amazing knowledge helped us to better grasp the impact historical events and social injustice had and still have on the creation of this very unique murals and how the walls in Orgosolo guard our history.

If you want to have an exclusive tour exploring Orgosolo and its street art come with us on our longevity tour and let the village’s atmosphere and Sardinia work its magic.

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