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Walk with us in the footsteps of the centenarians in Sardinia

Culture of Sardinia

At Sardinia ZonaBlu Tours we offer our guests an authentic experience visiting sites and people of the bluezone that are not easy to find on self-driven tours. Away from mass tourism routes you will get access to ancient wisdom and life rhythms that can only be experienced through mingling with the locals. We want to invite you to not just be a spectator, but to dive into the experience where you will make and taste typical Sardinian pasta of the region, visit 5000-year-old archeological sites from the Neolithic period, go on an off-road tour with local shepherds, and drink Cannonau wine under oak trees in the mountains.

What is a Bluezone?

Sardinia is not just one of the most beautiful places in Italy and the Mediterranean, it also hosts one of the five bluezones of the world. 

Bluezones are areas with an exceptionally high number of healthy 100-year-olds. Centenarians exist worldwide, but there are only a few areas where this concentration of centenarians is exceptional like in Sardinia.

What is it that these Sardinians are getting right? In the search for longevity there is no single explanation. It is rather the interaction of essential factors that makes the difference.

The Five Most Important Longevity Factors of the Bluezone

Sardinia Tours Shepherd and Ricotto

FOOD: a plant-based diet and red wine
MOVEMENT: routine, natural movement throughout the day
TRIBE: relationships with family and friends
SLOW RHYTHMS: reduce stress and get in touch with nature
PURPOSE: what makes you get up in the morning with intention and joy

 Your blue zone experience in Sardinia will be focused on the 5 longevity factors that we believe to be the most important in contributing to a long and healthy life.

Transferring this ancient wisdom into our daily lives can help us improve and even slow down the natural aging process.

We believe in the life-enhancing value of traveling to Sardinia, Italy​

Sardinia ZonaBlu Tours are niche tours with intentionally small groups (max. 8 people). This is the choice for like-minded travelers to live a unique experience in Sardinia. Guests will enjoy the warmth of traditional Sardinian hospitality and will be inspired by a way of life that hasn’t changed in centuries. Our tours are crafted to be flexible and very relaxed in order to dive fully into the Sardinian way of life.

Picture yourself here. Turquoise, all shades of blue and green, surrounded by the scents of wild lavender, rosemary, thyme, and juniper that infuse the breeze coming from the ocean. A symphony of colors and fragrances. There is the awareness of entering a very ancient place, where space and time dissolve into a magical sense of relaxation, of wanting to let go.

Our tours are crafted to be flexible and relaxed and each tour is focused on the longevity factors of the blue zones.

“This land resembles no other place”

(D.H. Lawrence in Sea and Sardinia)